Be Kind Rewind – Kate’s Take Podcast

Special guest and filmmaker Phoebe Frear joins Kate to talk about Be Kind Rewind, a quirky and innovated film that reminds Kate & Phoebe their love for filmmaking. The gals talk about: the death of video stores, the horror of VHS, practical effects, movie tricks, diva moments, wondering if it all matters, and the magic of movies. Don’t worry, “No specific knowledge of movies required.” This episode has been Sweded!



Listen here:



“How to make a movie for yourself. Doesn_t have to be good, this isn_t a competition, it_s for make a movie and watch it. You just need to reflect who you are. And if it works yo


Each week filmmaker & author, Kate Chaplin dissects a movie that has inspires her life for good, bad or ugly and shows you the universal messages hidden within. Like on Facebook. Follow on Twitter.

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Kate’s Take is brought to you by Gal’s Guide to the Galaxy.


  • March 30 – Casablanca
  • April 13 –  Josie & the Pussy Cats (with Special Guest Josh Leach)
  • April 20 – 12 Angry Men (with Special Guest Wil Derringer)
  • April 27 – Heathers (with Special Guest Heather Woodcock)
  • May 4 – Dirty Dancing
  • May 11 – Star Trek OTS (with Special Guest Adam Eastwood)
  • May 18  – Star Trek Next Gen & Enterprise (with Special Guest Adam Eastwood)
  • May 25 – Star Trek Voyager & Deep Space 9 (with Special Guest Adam Eastwood)

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Kate’s Take started on in October of 2014. Kate was a guest on D20crit’s show A Bit of Geek and Nerdery Episode #12 talking about the new film she was producing called Ezekiel’s Landing (link to episode). She became a returning guest and before long Wil asked if she had an idea for her own show. Kate’s Take is an adaption from a never-finished novel entitled “I Blame Lucas” where Kate recalls her life through the movies she had watched starting with Star Wars: A New Hope and ending with Return of the Sith. Wil Derringher co-hosted, edited and produced the show for D20crit. Together Kate and Wil produced 57 episodes and won 5 awards for the show from INDYpodnet.

In August of 2016 tragedy struck with the loss of Wil’s beloved wife, Tristan. Understandably Wil was unable to do the show. November 2016 the show was moved from D20crit to Gal’s Guide to the Galaxy and re-titled Kate Take: Reloaded.


  • Most Entertaining – 2016 INDYpodnet Awards
  • Best Audio Quality & Editing – 2016 INDYpodnet Awards
  • Most Entertaining – 2015 INDYpodnet Awards
  • Rookie of the Year – 2015 INDYpodnet Awards
  • Best Coverage of a Geek Event – 2015 INDYpodnet Awards




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