Kate’s Take Top 5 Films Directed By Women

Kate celebrates Directed By Women Awareness Month by looking at her top 5 films directed by women that influenced her life.


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Show Notes & Extra’s:

  • About the #DirectedByWomen movement.
  • The Directed By Women Database.
  • Article Kate recommends “30 Streaming Films Directed By Women” 
  • Kate’s filmmaking background and retirement.
  • What movies mean to Kate.
  • #5 Brave, directed by Brenda Chapman and Mark Andrews.
  • Unlocking the Mama Bear.
  • The tapestry metaphor of life.
  • Explore more of Kate’s lessons in Brave in Kate’s Take EP #56
  • #4 You’ve Got Mail, directed by Nora Ephron.
  • The warning cries.
  • Lesson that the personal can be brave and helpful.
  • Explore more of Kate’s lessons on You’ve Got Mail in Kate’s Take EP #3 
  • #3 Whale Rider, directed by Niki Caro.
  • An allegory for female filmmakers or women in any career field they are told “it’s not for them”.
  • Why we need more diversity in filmmakers.

Kate's Take on Hollywood's Diversity Training Opportunities

  • The metaphor of the rope.
  • Explore more of Kate’s lessons on Whale Rider in Kate’s Take EP #25
  • #2 Wonder Woman, directed by Patty Jenkins.
  • Metaphor of No Man’s Land.
  • The team in Wonder Woman.

Kate's Take on Hollywood's Diversity Training Opportunities (1)

  • How amazing Themyscara is.
  • How important it is to believe in your abilities.
  • Explore more of Kate’s lessons on Wonder Woman in Kate’s Take:Reloaded EP #27
  • Honorable mentions.
  • #1 A League of Their Own, directed by Penny Marshall.
  • Kate saw a female director for the first time.
  • Relating to the variety of female characters.
  • “It’s the hard that makes it great.”
  • Full circle journey.
  • Explore more of Kate’s lessons on A League of Their Own in Kate’s Take EP #26


Each month filmmaker & author, Kate Chaplin dissects a movie that has inspires her life for good, bad or ugly and shows you the universal messages hidden within.

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Kate’s Take started on D20crit.com in October of 2014. Kate was a guest on D20crit’s show A Bit of Geek and Nerdery Episode #12 talking about the new film she was producing called Ezekiel’s Landing (link to episode). She became a returning guest and before long Wil asked if she had an idea for her own show. Kate’s Take is an adaption from a never-finished novel entitled “I Blame Lucas” where Kate recalls her life through the movies she had watched starting with Star Wars: A New Hope and ending with Return of the Sith. Wil Derringher co-hosted, edited and produced the show for D20crit. Together Kate and Wil produced 57 episodes and won 5 awards for the show from INDYpodnet.

In August of 2016 tragedy struck with the loss of Wil’s beloved wife, Tristan. Understandably Wil was unable to do the show. November 2016 the show was moved from D20crit to Gal’s Guide to the Galaxy and re-titled Kate Take: Reloaded.


  • Most Entertaining – 2016 INDYpodnet Awards
  • Best Audio Quality & Editing – 2016 INDYpodnet Awards
  • Most Entertaining – 2015 INDYpodnet Awards
  • Rookie of the Year – 2015 INDYpodnet Awards
  • Best Coverage of a Geek Event – 2015 INDYpodnet Awards


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