Wonder Woman – Kate’s Take Podcast

Kate has been working on this episode for a while. It's personal, it's deep and it's insightful. These are the universal life lesson's Kate found in Wonder Woman. The transcript is available below. https://youtu.be/JN7SsjB7EsA   TRANSCRIPT In the last episode, I did my top 5 films directed by women that have influenced my life. Wonder … Continue reading Wonder Woman – Kate’s Take Podcast

Kate’s Take Top 5 Films Directed By Women

Kate celebrates #WomenDirectorAwarenessMonth by looking at her top 5 films #directedbywomen that influenced her life. (Originally aired September 28, 2017) YouTube Version https://youtu.be/MB8AVTbADr8 ABOUT Filmmaker Kate Chaplin takes a film that has influenced her life for good, bad or ugly and dissects it to show YOU the hidden lessons within movies. This five-time-award-winning show appeared … Continue reading Kate’s Take Top 5 Films Directed By Women

Annie Jump Cannon – Your Gal Friday

Learn about the astronomer who, in a time when women couldn’t vote and were rarely accepted for their scientific minds, classified the stars in a system that is still used today.  We’re uncovering the life and legacy of your gal, Annie Jump Cannon. Learn about Annie in less than 3 minutes https://youtu.be/jn_0-Qy4Q3Y CLICK HERE FOR THE … Continue reading Annie Jump Cannon – Your Gal Friday

My Hopes for the New ‘Who’ — the pressures of being the only woman in the room

When there were murmurs of a shake-up to coincide with the exit of Steven Moffat as Doctor Who’s showrunner, I was skeptical. Maybe I’m cynical, but I didn’t see a person of color or a woman or anything “out of the ordinary” suddenly becoming a part of the fifty year canon of the show. Yeah, … Continue reading My Hopes for the New ‘Who’ — the pressures of being the only woman in the room

Wonder Woman 101

Video of this presentation: https://youtu.be/80I0HKSOaN0 Wonder Woman's Creation This year marks the 76th anniversary since Wonder Woman first appeared in All Star Comics #8. Seven months later she got her own comic. She was created by the American psychologist and writer William Marston (who wrote under the Pen Name Charles Marston), with his wife Elizabeth … Continue reading Wonder Woman 101

May Meeting

Calling all wonder women! The first ever Wonder Woman feature film hits theaters June 2. Wanna know more about the crazy history and inspiration behind Diana Prince? This month Kate Chaplin brings you the 75 year history of this superhero for peace and love. Kate will catch you up and get you pumped for the … Continue reading May Meeting

Wonder Woman’s Armpits Controversy

You have to be kidding me. This is a thing? In the newest Wonder Woman trailer, released on March 11, at minute 1:48 Wonder Woman lifts her arms, seemingly to flip a car, and oh snap her armpits are reveled. Alert the internet! https://youtu.be/INLzqh7rZ-U People are arguing that it's a photoshop fail to make her … Continue reading Wonder Woman’s Armpits Controversy

Gal’s Guide at Starbase Indy

Gal's Guide to the Galaxy is trilled to announce we will be at Starbase Indy, a yearly Star Trek fan-run convention on Thanksgiving weekend. Panels G3 is hosting Kate's Take Live! The 5-time award-winning podcast returns to Starbase for a live recording of Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan. Host Kate Chaplin takes a movie that has … Continue reading Gal’s Guide at Starbase Indy