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We Have A Star Named After Us!

On September 29, 2017 after listening to our podcast, Your Gal Friday, Kerra was inspired to see if she could name a star after us. It was the Annie Jump Cannon episode where hosts Kate & Phoebe mention how it would be so cool to have something in space named after you and what a legacy that would be. Well, Kerra took that to heart and registered a star to not only be named Gal’s Guide to the Galaxy but the neighboring stars to be named after our founders.

Co-host of Your Gal Friday and President of Gal’s Guide, Kate Chaplin, said, “I was moved to tears that something we do inspired her to give us our own little place in the galaxy. It sometimes may not seem like what we do matters, but it does to the people we reach.”

“I just thought it would be a fun idea to commemorate G3,” said Kerra after hearing how much it meant to Kate.

What may seem like a little thing, meant the world to us. Thank you, Kerra!

We returned the sentiment and named a star after Kerra as well.

To visit our star click here. 




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