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Kahoot Quizzes by Gal’s Guide

We have some amazing Kahoot quizzes about gals of history.

Visit our Kahoot page.

Featured Kahoot!

Women Inventors


More Kahoots!

Gal’s of History (Elementary School Version)

Gal’s of History (Middle School Version) 

Women of Science 

About our Kahoots

We use these Kahoots in classrooms and events to shine a spotlight of amazing gals of history. We tour the country in March celebrating International Women’s Month. Check out our school outreach page.

While the quizzes may seem hard with gals you have never heard of, we use this as a starting point. When present we offer more information about each gal in the quiz. We’re working on lesson plans and reading materials for teachers to use along with our Kahoots in the classroom.

About Kahoot!

Check out the video tutorial of how to play a Kahoot!

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