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26 Movies About Female Friendships

Support systems come in many varieties, one of which that can last a lifetime is friendships. A true friend can tell you when you have toilet paper stuck to your shoe and not set you into a shame spiral. They can tell you the truth even when it might hurt. A long-lasting friendship will have ups and downs, fights, miles apart, infrequent communication but it rarely matters because the bonds of friendship are just that strong.

Here are 26 movies that give us all the feels about female friendships. Perfect for girls nights.

1. A League of Their Own

If we had a Jimmy Dugan baseball card, we’d trade it to be on that bus.


2. Thelma & Louise

Two gals trying to let their hair down and get out of town.


3. Waiting to Exhale

Friends helping each other face the complexity of relationships.


4. Fried Green Tomatoes

Friendship, food, and stories. What could be better?


5. Beaches

Ups and downs of a 30-year friendship. Get the tissues ready, seriously.


6. Bridesmaids

“I’m ready to paaaarty!”…and deal with some slight jealously issues of my friends who seem to have it all.


7. Romy & Michelle’s High School Reunion

Somehow not the inventors of Post-it’s, but friends who learn how to be true to themselves.


8. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

We are still looking for these magical pants. Please forward them to us, we’ll pass them on.


9. Josie & the Pussycats

Three gals who share a bus pass picture, a love of music, and kitty ears. Also, DuJour means friendship…and seatbelts.


10. Charlie’s Angels

“Good morning Angels!” The sexual innuendos are high but the friendship is on point.


11. Pitch Perfect

Yes, it’s about an acapella group but it’s also about how to make friends in college.


12. Clueless

Cher and Dionne are two besties with a gift for matchmaking and makeovers. However, learning to drive proves difficult but, “Whatever!”


13. Ghost World

Two wonderful quirky gals seek some direction in life; the problem is they both hate people.


14. Set It Off

Laid off and pissed off, four gals decide to rob banks to get ahead.


15. Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood

Who comes to set things straight when mothers and daughters can’t see eye-to-eye? The Ya-Ya Sisterhood.


16. How to Make an American Quilt

When Finn gets cold feet about marriage she turns to a quilting circle for wisdom and guidance.


17. Now & Then

When four gals get back together to help a friend with her pregnancy they think back to that summer where everything changed and the bonds that made them BFFs for life.


18. Steel Magnolia’s

These southern gals are as delicate as magnolia’s but as strong as steel.


19. First Wives Club

Realizing all their ex-husbands left them for younger women, these gals make a pact for justice.


20. Ghostbusters

Fitted with proton packs and a drive to save New York City from the paranormal, these gals get the job done.


21. Coyote Ugly

Sometimes the friends you meet on your way to becoming a songwriter help you find your confidence.


22. Frances Ha

Two friends are going to take over the world. But first, they have start actually doing things instead of just talking about them.

frances ha

23. Bend it Like Beckham

Jess and Jules have different backgrounds but they have a common love of soccer and coach Joe.


24. 9 to 5

Three gals who take revenge on their boss, and it’s a comedy!


25. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Janey and Lynne love to dance and they are determined to get a spot on Dance TV, what could go wrong?


26. Hidden Figures

Three brilliant gals stick together and support each other as they forever change perceptions of women at NASA.



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