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Gardening Lesson Plans

April is Gardening Month at Gal’s Guide and we’ve collected some great Life Lab gardening lesson plans for either parents or teachers to get elementary kids excited about nature and food.

Pondering Plants – First Grade

Examining the jobs of three different plant parts – roots, stems, and leaves – helps students to understand that all plants need the same fundamental resources: sun, soil, water, and air.

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Soil Stories – Second Grade

Students dig into the dirt and discover the secrets of the intricate ecosystem living beneath their feet. After discovering soil’s components, students take the next steps to become stewards of the soil.

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Garden Pollinators – Third Grade

Examining the diversity of pollinators in the garden and their role in the ecosystem provides an excellent opportunity for students to learn about the mechanisms of adaptation.

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Garden Habitats – Fourth Grade

Exploring plant and animal habitats help students learn more about the
diversity of life in the garden.

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Life Lab also has over 100 videos of how to grow different plants, activities, testimonials, and documentation of kid interaction.

Life Lab YouTube Channel 

One of our favorites:

Bonus: Eat Your Rainbow Song

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