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Lily Tomlin – Your Gal Friday

Today we are talking about a funny gal who created a cast of characters that have spanned over 50 years in not only TV but in movies, on stage, and in books. From Ernestine to Frankie Bergstein, she’s made us laugh and she made us think. Today we’re talking about the life and legacy of one of the hardest working gals in show business, your gal, Lily Tomlin.

Learn About Lily in Less Than 2 Minutes

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Show Notes & Extra’s:

  • What Leah and Phoebe knew of Lily before researching.
  • Where Lily grew up.
  • What inspired Lily to do comedy.
  • Moving to Greenwich Village, NY and brief history of comedians there at that time.
  • First TV appearance on The Merv Griffin Show.

  • Lily on Rowan and Martin’s Laugh In.
  • Lily meets Jane Wagner.
  • Comedy albums: This is a Recording, And That’s the Truth, Modern Scream.
  • Nashville, Lily is nominated for an Oscar for her dramatic performance.
  • Appearing Nightly, the first one-woman comedy show for a woman on Broadway.
  • Coined “The New Queen of Comedy” by Time Magazine.

lily time

  • 9 to 5 and The Incredible Shrinking Woman.
  • Pervis Hawkins character.
  • The Search for Intelligent Life in the Universe broadway and feature film.
  • Robert Altman’s The Player and Short Cuts.
  • Animated TV Edith Ann specials and The Magic School Bus.
  • Lily on Murphy Brown.
  • Lily and Jane Wagner get married.
  • Kennedy Center Honoree.

  • How Grace and Frankie got started.
  • Reboots of Lily projects including 9 to 5 and The Magic School Bus Rides Again.
  • Screen Actors Guild Lifetime Achievement Award where she gave advice to young people.

  • What legacy Leah and Phoebe think she is building.
  • What lessons Leah and Phoebe learned from Lily Tomlin.

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