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Gal’s Guide NEWS for September 18, 2019 (Brought to you by Popcorn)

News and updates from the Gal’s Guide Library and Research Center for September 18, 2019. Brought to you by popcorn.

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Show Notes & Extras:

  • The fourth edition of the Gal’s Guide NEWS
  • Brought to you by popcorn
  • Great article by Tori Avery Popcorn: A Pop History 
  • Library NEWS
  • We hit our 1,000 book goal!!!
  • How we got there, Girl Scout Troop 1747 Book Bonanza and a donation from Bob Meadors


Article & Event Headers (4)

  • Finishing up the bookbuild
  • We didn’t get the grant for a physical space
  • Researching the idea of a Pop Up Event during Women’s History Month
  • If you know of someone we should be talking to about a physical space for the first independent women’s history library email us
  • Research NEWS
  • New article Celebrating #WomenDirectorsAwarenessMonth Female Film & TV Directors Book List

Article & Event Headers

  • Check out our friends at
  • Start your week off by downloading the Gal’s Guide Podcast and you’ll never have a case of the Monday’s!
  • So far Bonnie has talked about Kathleen Shannon & Katie asked if romantic comedies might be bad for women 
  • Coming up Denise talks about a Dame and Leah talks about a Princess
  • End the workweek with Flashback Friday that ties into the cool thing of the week
  • Kate’s Take is the Flashback Friday’s this month!
  • Check out our research discoveries!
  • Podcast Updates
  • Listener feedback Yvonne commented on our Facebook page about Babe Didriksen Zaharis Flashback Friday, “LOVE HER! She was my idol and inspiration to get into sports when I saw the movie about her in the 70’s”
  • Upcoming Events
  • Evolution of Sci-Fi Fandom as part of Spirit & Place Festival. Facebook event page. Eventbrite 
  • Uhura Training Academy at Starbase Indy on Thanksgiving Weekend

Article Header for UTA

Gal Sticker Red Bubble

  • How to help
  • Facebook Birthday donations!
  • Next up is Flashback Friday Kate’s Take Wonder Woman, Monday is Denise’s 1 Cool Movie Thing!


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