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Uhura Training Academy – Full Course Schedule

Ad Page Uhura Training Academy 2019What if Uhura had an academy? What would she teach?

Gal’s Guide has partnered with Starbase Indy to host the Uhura Training Academy. During Thanksgiving weekend (Nov 29- Dec 1) learn about the skills and talents of our favorite Star Trek Communications Officer all while earning your Certificate of Completion (it’s totally framable and personalized).

Our theme this year is inventors and scientists that relate to Uhura’s skills of; communication, navigation, science, history, and performance.

We are also having a BOOK DRIVE during the entire weekend. Bring your used books to the Uhura Room and you’ll get a free bookmark*. We are seeking women’s history books for any ready level, in any condition and on any subject. We will also take any used books you have, those that don’t fit into our collection of we can sell to raise money for new women’s history books.

*Bookmarks are while supplies last

Our Full Course Schedule

Uhura Graphics and Memes (1)

Cadets receive

  • Cadet log for tracking your class completion and your notes
  • Uhura Training Academy badge ribbon
  • When 4 of the 5 skills are complete, a signed and personalized Certificate of Completion

To attend Uhura Training Academy you need a Starbase Indy Badge.

If you want to see what other programs Starbase Indy view the schedule here. 

If you would like to support this event by donating visit our Supporters Page.

“Uhura” design by Bonnie Fillenwarth


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