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2020 Board Elections

Want to be part of history? Want to help fulfill Gal’s Guide mission to build the first independent women’s history library?

We are seeking 2-3 new Gal’s Guide board members at large.

Our board of directors have a three-year term with Gal’s Guide and can be re-elected. There are two types of board members, members at large and officers. All board members are cheerleaders and representatives of Gal’s Guide. They are also our look-out captains to make sure Gal’s Guide is fulfilling its mission and not missing any opportunities.

Four online meetings are required each year in January, April, July, and October.

Current Board:

  • Dr. Leah Leach, President & Treasurer
  • Katie Harris, Vice President
  • Bonnie Fillenwarth, Secretary
  • Phoebe Frear, Board Member at Large
  • Kim Thatcher, Board Member at Large

Apply to be a board member at large or officer. Elections are held on October 30, 2019, and January 29, 2020.

Board Member Application

Questions? Email us

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