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Greta Thunberg

It’s the start of STEM month and Dr. Leah Leach’s 1 Cool STEM thing is about climate change activist, Greta Thunberg. Get to know more about this fierce 16-year-old and why we connect with her. We also talk about more young climate change activists. But we can’t always be serious so we Leah brought some STEM puns and we talk about the best teen-team up ever. Wonder Twins powers activate!

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Show Notes & Extras:

  • Gal Pals this month are Dr. Leah Leach, Bonnie Fillenwarth, and Lisa Meece
  • Bonnie is working on a painting of the gal she’ll be talking about later in the month
  • Lisa is CEO of Starbase Indy which is having an awesome convention in November and you should come, us gal-pals will be there!

Starbase Indy Logo 2019

  • The ever so quick plug of our STEM articles: Saving Sweden with vodka, Hidden Figures, mother of Wi-fi, and more STEM research
  • Leah brings the STEM puns
  • Leah’s 1 Cool Thing is 16 year-old climate change activist Greta Thunberg
  • Greta is nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize we find out on 10/11 is she is the winner. If she is, she will make history
  • We talk about other young activists like Autumn Peltier “Water Warrior”, Mari Copeny “Little Miss Flint,” and Xiye Bastida an NYC activist who also spoke at the UN and has helped organized two Global Climate Strikes this month.
  • BBC article Lisa mentioned about many other young climate change activists
  • Greta’s Ted Talk and Facebook Page

  • UN Speech “How dare you!” Transcript & Video
  • Haters and Greta’s reaction to them
  • Meme vs Meme (Leah gets all historically accurate)

Don’t mess with young girls who want to change their world, because odds are they will be remembered forever. (1)

  • Sybil Ludington, the gal who did more than Paul Revere and yet this 16-year-old didn’t get the credit
  • Why many people have a connection to Greta
  • Death glare


  • Greta & Malala – Wonder Twin Powers Activate!
  • Next week is Lisa’s 1 Cool STEM Thing



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