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Queen Elizabeth and Her Corgis

Jerk pandas, talking spiders, and royal corgis. The conclusion of animal month is fit for a queen.

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  • We’re recording on Zoom so that means video!!!!
  • The gal-pals this month are Dr. Leah Leah, Bonnie Fillenwarth, Katie Harris and Rebecca Berfanger
  • We have already talked about Virginia Woolf and her dog, Mollie Beattie, and Josephine Baker and her cheetah
  • Get to know you question for this week is: If you could magically bestow the ability to talk to one animal (or species) which would it be?
  • BONUS: Jerk panda video

  • Spider shower stories
  • Katie’s 1 Cool Animal this is Queen Elizabeth’s corgis!!!


  • She doesn’t have any corgi’s right now
  • Dorgies
  • Corgi dynasty in breeding
  • First corgi at age 7


  • Pets and gifts
  • Little bit of bitches
  • Corgi life and diet
  • Corgi bites
  • Ranger the gang leader
  • Dog psychologist
  • Since the Queen’s coronation, she’s had 30 corgis


  • Her first corgi
  • Longest ruling monarch
  • She didn’t think she’s become Queen
  • Someone did get fired over the corgi’s
  • The longest-ruling female head of state in world history
  • What is the role of the Queen?
  • Elizabeth movie with Cate Blanchette mention
  • Queen Elizabeth II was a teenager during WW2


  • Served as a driver and Mechanic
  • Queen Elizabeth II driving
  • In 2007 she had 5 corgis, 5 cocker spaniels and 4 dorgies
  • Hands-on with her animals – but you know, they are still royal dogs
  • Wales connection to corgis
  • Fairy warriors!!!
  • 2012 Olympic opening sequence with James Bond & corgi’s!!!

  • Corgi named Susan went on her Honeymoon
  • Royal Vet
  • Next month is LGBTQ Pride month!

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