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Uhura Training Academy Online Camp

What if Uhura had an academy? What would she teach?

Join us Noon on Zoom every Wednesday – Saturday in June for a 1-hour workshop that explores the skills and talents of your favorite Star Trek Communications Officer.

16 free STEM classes taught by Dr. Leah Leach of Gal’s Guide, as well as special speakers.


Certified Graduate Program (Optional)

For a $25 donation to Gal’s Guide you’ll receive

  • Uhura Training Academy cadet log
  • Exclusive 3″ vinyl Uhura Training Academy sticker
  • Collectible Gal’s Guide bookmark
  • Badge ribbon
  • Personalized diploma suitable for framing


Class Schedule

16 Free Classes. Classes are Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday in June. The suggested ages are 13+. All classes are at noon on Zoom. The link is emailed to registered participants.

Life and Legacy of Nichelle Nichols

Wednesday, June 3 at noon on Zoom. You know her as Uhura in Star Trek: The Original Series, but do you know the actress that plays her? Learn how Nichelle Nichols got the role of Uhura, was convinced to stay in the show, and how she changed the face of NASA. There is a lot more to this amazing gal. Now available on our YouTube Channel (audio only).

Mercury 13

Thursday, June 4 at noon on Zoom. Did you know that 13 women passed the same astronaut training as the Mercury 7, but they were not allowed to become astronauts? Find who they were, and why they didn’t have “The Right Stuff”. Now available on our YouTube Channel (video).

Female Inventors Throughout History

Friday, June 5 at noon on Zoom. What do the windshield wiper, the home security system, bras, and WiFi have in common? They were all invented by women. Learn about these mothers of invention. Now available on our YouTube Channel (video & slides).

Confidence Code

Saturday, June 6 at noon on Zoom. Based on the #1 New York Times bestselling book, we’ll practice and train how to take risks, mess up, and become your amazing imperfect totally powerful self. Now available on our YouTube Channel (video).

History of Communications

Wednesday, June 10 at noon on Zoom. “Hailing frequencies are open, Captain.” From Morse Code to Discord human beings have found ways to communicate across the miles and now across the galaxy. How far have we come in communication and why is it so important? Now available on our YouTube Channel (video and slides)

Invention of WiFi – Hedy Lamarr

Thursday, June 11 at noon on Zoom. Frequency Hopping is the technology that allows WiFi, Bluetooth, and even your cell phone to work without a cord. Its inventor was an actress that Louis B. Mayer called “The most beautiful woman in the world.” Hedy Lamarr struggled with beauty over brains, let’s see if we can make some sense of it. Now available on our YouTube Channel (video and slides).

First Computer Programmer – Ada Lovelace

Friday, June 12 at noon on Zoom. Born 100 years before the invention of the first modern computer, Ada Lovelace is the world’s first computer programmer. Learn how the daughter of the poet, Lord Byron, became an important part of STEM history. Now available on our YouTube Channel (video).

Inventor of Rock ‘n’ Roll – Sister Rosetta Tharpe

Saturday, June 13 at noon on Zoom. Sister Rosetta Tharpe inspired Elvis, Johnny Cash, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Bob Dylan. She was Gospel’s first superstar who shocked audiences with her electric guitar and invented Rock ‘n’ Roll. Now available on our YouTube Channel (video).

From Sea to Space: The History of Navigation 

Wednesday, June 17 at noon on Zoom. What do Magellan and the Apollo missions have in common? They both used the stars to find their way. Come learn about the various navigational tools and how they are connected. Now available on our YouTube Channel (video).

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

Thursday, June 18 at noon on Zoom. Inspired by the movie and the book by Rebecca Skloot we talk about the poor Black tobacco farmer whose cells were taken without her knowledge and used as a powerful tool in medicine. Now available on our YouTube Channel (video).

Hidden Figures 

Friday, June 19 (JUNETEENTH) at noon on Zoom. Inspired by the movie and the book by Margot Lee Shetterly learn about the three math geniuses of NASA, their contributions, as well as their legacy. Now available on our YouTube Channel (video). 

Women of Space & Science 

Saturday, June 20 at noon on Zoom. How well do you know the women of STEM? We’re transforming our Kahoot games into a fun presentation to test your skills, and teach you a few new gals you might never have heard about in school.

Special Speakers

Within Calyspo – Safe & Loved Wall Hanging Art Tutorial.

Wednesday June 24 at noon on Zoom. PAULA R. SCOTT-FRANZ, will be our special speaker with her art tutorial Within Calypso – Safe & Loved College Wall Hanging. Using materials you already have at home. Now available on our YouTube channel. 

From Tachyons to Warp Drives: Physics in Star Trek

Thursday, June 25 at noon on Zoom. DR. ERIN MACDONALD (PhD Astrophysics) will be our special speaker. Welcome to the Astrometrics lab! Dr Erin Macdonald is here to geek out about some of the coolest realistic and (mostly) not-so-realistic physics in Star Trek. Let’s discuss the science behind technology such as transporters, warp drives and more as well as which ones we may be close to achieving. All levels of science backgrounds are welcome! Now Available on our YouTube Channel.

Basics of Improv and Why Everyone Should Know Them

Friday, June 26 at noon on Zoom. AILI MCGILL will be our special speaker as she gives us the basics of improv and why everyone should have a little improv in their life skills tool box.

The Klingon Language & Song Translation

Saturday, June 27 at noon on Zoom. KLINGON POP WARRIOR, will be our special speaker with her class The Klingon Language & Song Translation!! This is such a treat! Don’t miss this! Now Available on our YouTube Channel. 

Graduation ceremony

Saturday, June 27 at 1pm on Zoom.

Meet Your Instructor


Dr. Leah Leach is the Head Mistress of the Uhura Training Academy. She is the Executive Director of Gal’s Guide to the Galaxy, the first lending library dedicated to women’s history in the United States.  Nuvo named her a “Herstory Detective” for her award-winning podcast work on Your Gal Friday. Leah is a fun, engaging public speaker who tours schools and organizations sharing the wisdom of female role models throughout history in hopes of inspiring new role models.


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