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Glennon Doyle


Katie talks about Glennon Doyle, the author of Untamed and Love Warrior, and how Glennon’s amazing journey took her from Christian Mommy Blogger to Cheetah (it will all make sense). The gal pals also talk about coming out stories, challenging your bias, trusting your inner voice, and so much more.

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We recorded in the library for the first time ever! This does mean there is no live video but the audio quality is nearly back to normal.

Show Notes & Extras

  • We’re recording in the library!!!!
  • The gal-pals this month are Dr. Leah Leah, Bonnie Fillenwarth, Katie Harris and Kerra Wagener.
  • Kerra has already talked about “The Alphabet Soup” and Bonnie already talked about Hannah Gadsby.
  • Get to know you question: has anyone ever come out to you? how did you respond?
  • (10-minute mark) Katie’s 1 Cool LGBTQ+ Thing is author Glennon Doyle
  • Books –  Carry on Warrior, Love Warrior, Untamed


  • First known as the Christan Mommy Blogger
  • Glennon wrote about addiction and bulimia
  • She started
  • In Love Warrior she wrote about her husband’s affair
  • While on the book tour she met soccer player Abby Wambach
  • Katie talks about the chapters in Untamed
  • Trusting our inner voice
  • People pleasing
  • “You’re a Goddamn cheetah”
  • Together Rising nonprofit
  • Racists and challenging your bias
  • MLK and BLM
  • Glennon’s new relationship and marriage to Abby
  • Living with integrity
  • “Why is everyone just so gay all of a sudden?”
  • “Unasked questions become prejudice” Glennon Doyle
  • Choose your glass
  • The chapter on permission slips
  • “Things you can’t help, are things you would help if you could” Glennon Doyle
  • Difference between tolerance and acceptance
  • God conflict
  • Talk on self-care (Facebook Watch)
  • Ted Talk

  • Untamed has Katie’s stamp of approval.
  • Short Story Club shout out!
  • Ellen DeGenerous story
  • Pain helps us grow

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