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Hilma af Klint

Klaire talks about the Swedish artist who most likely invented abstract art and did it with use of séances. Learn about the amazing time in history and Thesophy. Plus we talk about haunted books and captured fairies. 

With Zoom video!

Show Notes

  • We’re back on Zoom so that means the YouTube has live video of our silly and beautiful faces!
  • The gal pals this month are Dr. Leah Leach, Bonnie Fillenwarth, Katie Harris, and Klaire Lockhart.
  • Bonnie already talked about Cassandra Peterson AKA Elvira and Katie already talked about The Blood Countess.
  • Get to know you question: What book would you check out from the haunted Gal’s Guide Library?
  • Lady Cottington’s Pressed Fairy Book (Gal’s Guide Library)
  • Romantic Outlaws (Gal’s Guide Library)
  • Drunk History episode with of Mary Shelley is on Hulu
  • Thunderdomasticity with an homage to Ash’s chainsaw (pic below)
  • Klaire’s 1 Cool Scary Gal is Hilma af Klint
  • In 1908 she made 111 paintings for the dead
  • Born in Sweden in 1862
  • Early schooling
  • First generation of women to study art
  • “Genius”
  • Hilma was awarded a studio in Stockholm
  • 1889 joined the Theosophy Club
  • By 1896 she was in “The Five” or “The Friday Club”
  • Séances!
  • The science we couldn’t see
  • Abstract painting inspired by the séances
  • Art history fun
  • Timeline math
  • Some art “genius” were terrible men
  • 111 paintings in less than 2 years
  • 10 largest meaning
  • Rudolf Steiner’s advice
  • Hilma stopped painting for 4 years
  • Another dude claimed he invented abstract
  • The Black Square – the racist joke
  • 1912 Hilma paints again and makes 82 more paintings
  • 1,300 paintings and drawings that we know about
  • No temple
  • When she died some art was marked
  • 1970’s Hilma af Klint Foundation
  • 2018-2019 Big exhibit at the Guggenheim “Paintings for the Future”
  • Why wasn’t she known and part of art history?
  • Exhibit Blues
  • Beyond the Visible documentary on Amazon (trailer below)
  • Gauguin rant
  • If she hadn’t stop those 4 years.



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One reply on “Hilma af Klint”

I’m contacting you from the Orange Portrait Consortium. The comment on your podcast was very derogatory towards our members. Not to be confused with their citrus cousins, namely the lime and lemon, oranges are complex and setting their tone amongst the other fruit in a bowl requires skill. An artist must be able to capture the orange’s essence and mood. We are saddened by your throw-away comment which suggests otherwise. Power to the orange!


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