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Mamie Phipps Clark

It’s Black History month and we’re taking this opportunity to shine an amazing spotlight on Black women in STEM. Bonnie starts us off talking about child physiologist Mamie Phipps Clark and how her Doll Study helped the Brown V Board of Education case.

With Zoom Video!

Show Notes

  • It’s Black History Month!!!
  • 2018 UC San Diego Women in STEM study
  • This month our Gal Pals are: Dr. Leah Leach, Bonnie Fillenwarth, Katie Harris and Amy Dalton
  • Disney show with strong female friendships?
  • Galentine’s Day bound! Register here
  • Bonnie’s 1 Cool STEM Gal is Mamie Phipps Clark
  • Early days
  • Born in 1917
  • “Not everything is great in Arkansas” Bonnie
  • Met a men in college, Kenneth Clark
  • 1940 study with preschool children
  • At what are do children find out their race?
  • Doctorate at Columbia
  • Gal wanted a challenge
  • Couple goals!!!
  • The Doll Test
  • Her research was critical for the Brown v Board of Education case
  • Opened the Northside Center for Child Development. Still open Today (Visit
  • Mamie and Kenneth worked together
  • A book about Mamie would be great!
  • Anderson Cooper recreated The Doll Test in 2010 (video below)
  • Dolls
  • Mamie retired in 1973
  • Did they have kids?
  • UPDATE – one of their kids is named Kate Harris. (OMG!)
  • Cute couple to tie into Valentine’s Day



Gala video that includes the history of Mamie and Kenneth’s work
Anderson Cooper and the Doll Study in 2010

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