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Angela Davis

We wrap up with a rebel gal who was on the top 10 FBI most wanted list but also ran for Vice President. Katie is sharing with us the complex and wonderfulness that is Angela Davis.

Show Notes

  • We are on Zoom ’cause COVID
  • The Gal Pals for January are, Dr. Leah Leach, Bonnie Fillenwarth, Katie Harris and Pamela Toler
  • Bonnie talked about Ching Shih, Pamela talked about Women’s Battalion of Death and Leah talked about Coretta Scott King
  • Get to know you question – Do you want to change the world? What would you change?
  • Kind of a guessing game
  • Katie’s 1 Cool Rebel Gal is Angela Davis
  • Videos of songs about Angela is below
  • Origin story
  • January 26th Birthday!
  • She is the 13th Documentary available on Netflix
  • Born in Birmingham, AL
  • Dynamite Hill
  • Revolutionary roots – the Girl Scouts!!!
  • Voice of Resistance book
  • UPDATE – Scholarship to Brandeis University in MA
  • Majored in French
  • Herbert Marcuse inspiration to get a masters in philosophy in Germany
  • 1963 bombing of the church in Birmingham that killed 4 little girls
  • Communism + Socialism + Civil Rights
  • FBI list
  • 1963 back to the states to be a philosophy professor at UCLA
  • More Reagan spite
  • Angela was fired for her political communist ideals
  • 1970’s Soledad Prison Uprising
  • Angela fled
  • Third woman to make it onto the Top 10 Most Wanted FBI list
  • Nixon thanked law enforcement for the “capture of the dangerous terrorist Angela Davis”
  • Angela was in prison for a year
  • Not guilty on all counts
  • Continued activism and teaching
  • Has run for Vice President twice on the Communist Party Ticket
  • Angela has been the head of the Communist Party and sees it as a way to true equality
  • Angela has written over 20 books
  • The books the Gal’s Guide Library can be found here
  • Zoom Berets



Written about Angela Davis
Written about Angela Davis
Written about Angela Davis

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