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Patricia Cowings

The gals wrap up Black History – Women in STEM month by talking about NASA’s aerospace psychophysiologist, Patricia Cowings. She helped astronauts not puke in their space helmets and was the first women trained for space flight! The gals also talk about their third favorite dinosaur – ’cause science! 

Show Notes

  • This month our Gal Pals are: Dr. Leah Leach, Bonnie Fillenwarth, Katie Harris and Amy Dalton
  • Bonnie has already talked about Mamie Phipps Clark, Katie has already talked about Mary Seacole and Amy talked about Corina Newsome.
  • Get to know you question: what is your third favorite dinosaur?
  • Props to Simon Holland for the quote.
  • Steven Spielberg next to “killed” dinosaur (pic below)
  • Phil Tippet dinosaur supervisor blame (pic below)
  • Leah’s 1 Cool Black STEM Gal is Patricia Cowings
  • An aerospace psychophysiologist
  • Early days
  • Parent’s encouragement
  • Grad school NASA class
  • “You have to let me in, you need a woman in this class” Patricia Cowings
  • Mind and body interaction
  • Help space sickness
  • AFT – self control exercise
  • Scrambler help
  • Everything floats in space
  • Adapt and adjust
  • Problem not only to space but it’s worse when you come back
  • 50% of astronauts experience space sickness
  • Mars!
  • First woman to go through NASA astronaut training
  • Alternate for 1979 space mission
  • Patricia never went on a space mission
  • 1985 he work was put to the test
  • Patricia was in the room to make a new job
  • Patricia is in her 70’s
  • Mary Roach book – Packing for Mars


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