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Gals of the Bathysphere

Katie learns that some seashells are for taking. Bonnie is missing her rocks. Leah was so poor she stole a napkin. And Amy steals from the Pope. After confessing their crimes, the Gal Pals learn about the gals who went deep diving in a lead ball the size of a yoga ball to research the ocean floor. Amy teaches us all about the magical gals of the Bathysphere. 

Show Notes & Extras

  • Gal Pals this month are Bonnie Fillenwarth, Katie Harris, Amy Dalton and Leah Leach
  • Bonnie already talked about Cecilia Payne, Katie already talked about Isabella Bird
  • Get to know you question – what is the strangest thing you’ve ever brought back from one of your travels?
  • Some seashells are for taking…
  • Bonnie’s missing rocks
  • Leah’s so poor she stole a napkin
  • Amy steals from the Pope
  • Amy’s 1 Cool Explorer Gals are from the Bathysphere
  • William Beede and Otis Barton (Wikipedia)
  • Circular submarine with windows made of quartz
  • Gloria Hollister Anable (Wikipedia)
  • Late 1920’s
  • Deep sea dives
  • Beede hired women in the 1930’s
  • Gloria came to the DTR (Department of Tropical Research)
  • Gloria was a great communicator and scientist
  • Anglerfish (Original sketches below)
  • Gloria invented new dissection techniques
  • “The House of Magic”
  • Gloria’s 30th birthday dive record
  • Women’s record until the 1960’s
  • Ghana travels
  • Animal studies
  • Distinctions
  • 1952 Mianus River Gorge conservationist
  • Other gals of the bathysphere
  • Jocelyn Crane who studied crabs (Wikipedia)
  • 1975 book Fiddler Crabs of the World
  • Jocelyn became the director of the DTR
  • Illustrator Elisa Bossleman
  • She would paint underwater
  • National Geographic publisher her illustrations
  • Bathysphere story of the radio show gone wrong
  • The windows


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