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Gerda Taro

To wrap up Photographer Gal month the Gal Pals talk about the favorite photos that they have taken, we learn no one likes a reverse centaur and that Gerda Taro is amazing. Gerda was the first woman photographer to die on the front lines. Papa Hemingway was a fan of her work. Learn all about this pequeña rubia of photography.

Show Notes & Extras

  • This month’s Gal-Pals are: Dr. Leah Leach, Bonnie Fillenwarth, Katie Harris and Jenn Berk
  • Bonnie already talked about Dr. Katie Bouman, Leah already talked about Pennie Smith, and Jenn already talked about Dorothea Lange
  • Get to know you question – what is your favorite photo that you have ever taken?
  • Babies! Furry and human
  • Did you know Bonnie went to Greece?
  • “No one likes a reverse centaur” Meme below
  • Bonnie’s fire festival
  • Under the Glaze Pottery (Website)
  • Did you know Katie went to London & Italy?
  • Different types of photographs
  • Katie’s 1 Cool Photography Gal is Gerda Taro
  • Gerda is the first woman who died on the front line of a war
  • Spanish Civil War (around WW2)
  • UPDATE – Margaret Bourke-White is the first known war photographer. Gal’s Guide Library has 2 books showcasing her life & work (Gal’s Guide Library)
  • EXTRA – More women war photographers (Aperture Magazine)
  • Gerda was a German-Jewish War Photographer
  • Born in 1910
  • Early middle class life
  • Moved to Leipzig in 1929
  • She would leave for Paris
  • Last time she saw her family
  • Endre Freedmann
  • The creation of Robert Capa & Kappa Taro
  • Her stage name influences
  • To Spain!
  • La penqueña rubia
  • 1936 photograph “Republican Woman” (picture below)
  • Gerda went out on her own
  • Sold her own photos
  • Valencia bombing photos of July 1937
  • Public Beliefs
  • Papa Hemingway
  • Battle of Brunete
  • Her death by tank
  • Anti-fascists’ views
  • Grand funeral in Paris
  • September 2007 first major U.S. show of her work
  • A novel Waiting for Robert Capa by Susan Fortes
  • A documentary Mexican Suitcase (Available on Tubi TV for free)
  • Stage play Shooting With Light (Guardian)
  • Alt-J song “Taro” (music video below)
  • Cool places named after her
  • Google Doodle! (picture below)
  • CORRECTION – 2017 historical fiction novel is The Girls with the Leica by Helena Janeczec (Amazon)
  • Isabella Bird donations (Gal’s Guide Library + picture below)



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