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Mary Golda Ross

Katie talks about the designer of rockets & missiles for Lockheed Martin! Mary Golda Ross was a shining example of a Cherokee Nation education who reached the stars! We don’t even know the fullest extent of her awesomeness because a lot of her work is still classified to this day. Area 51, anyone? 

Show Notes & Extras

  • Gal pals this month are – Leah Leach, Bonnie Fillenwarth, Katie Harris and Edan.
  • Bonnie already talked about Elizabeth Petratrovich, Edan already talked about Sacheen Littlefeather.
  • Get to know you question – who or what is your favorite Indigenous People’s work in movies, TV or books?
  • Trailers below for Reservation Dogs and Into the West
  • Bonnie’s book she recommends – Spiderwoman’s Web
  • Tiamat shout out!
  • Katie’s book she recommends is Round House by Louise Erdrich (Gal’s Guide Library)
  • Book Club this month is The Night Watchman by by Louise Erdrich (Gal’s Guide Library)
  • Guess the Gal time!
  • Katie’s 1 Cool Indigenous Gal is Mary Golda Ross
  • Early life in 1908 Oklahoma
  • Cherokee Engineer
  • Lockheed Martin from 1942-1973
  • Skunk Works Project
  • Classified!
  • School in the Cherokee Nation
  • Mary is the Great Granddaughter of John Ross (Wikipedia)
  • Mary got a BA in Math and her teaching degree
  • Mary got her Masters in Colorado
  • When WW2 came the advice was “Go to Cailfornia”
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Designer of fighter planes, rockets and missiles
  • Space Race
  • What’s My Line TV show (clip below)
  • Retirement going back to her roots
  • Hidden Figure!
  • Opening of the National Museum of American Indian
  • Family calls her “Gold”
  • $1 coin (picture below)
  • Google Doodle (picture below)
  • Wilma Mankiller shout out!



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