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Grace Wilson Evans

Edan talks about family in this week’s episode and we’re so glad she does because her great-grandmother is someone we all should know about. Grace Wilson Evans was a strong voice for Black people and women in Terra Haute, Indiana. She stood up to the KKK and love libraries. She’s an amazing gal! 

Show Notes & Extras

  • This month’s gal pals are Katie Harris, Bonnie Fillenwarth, Edan and Dr. Leah Leach
  • Bonnie already talked about Queen Nanny of the Maroons
  • Calendar Fun Trudy Krisher Book Singing
  • Get to know you question what is the biggest lesson you have learned from a Black Woman?
  • Maya Angelou “People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel” 
  • Persistence like Elizabeth Jennings 
  • Sister Rosetta Tharpe – “Black women don’t get the proper credit for a lot of what they have created.” Leah
  • “It’s better to be respected than to be liked” Edan’s grandmother. 
  • Edan’s 1 Cool Black History Gal is her great-grandmother Grace Wilson Evans 
  • Dec 5, 1892 in Indiana
  • Hampton University
  • Grace had siblings and half siblings
  • Marriages and kids
  • National Association of Colored Women
  • Moto “Lifting as we climb” 
  • In 1916 almost 100,000 members in NACW
  • Events & fundraising
  • 1997 historical marker on Capitol Ave in Indianapolis location of the HQ of the Indiana Federation of NACW
  • Mary McLeod Bethune  
  • Walter Francis White
  • Terre Haute work and groups
  • Speeches & lobbying
  • KKK 
  • NAACP Grace was a chair on committee NAACP
  • Anti-lyncing law
  • White House
  • Accolades & press
  • “Start to dream. Start to build something. Start to create something and believe in your own convictions.” Grace Wilson Evans
  • Juicy stuff – 1918 in a Terre Haute theater 
  • Grace with a shotgun and the KKK
  • Phyllis Wheatly Home (More Info)
  • Indiana State University 
  • Grace was a strong voice in Terre Haute
  • Dr. Reynolds research on Grace (Tibune Star Article)
  • Ran for mayor
  • Grace died at the age of 64, June 1952
  • Civil Rights act of 1965
  • “Would have been happy that women got the right to vote because she was such a brave woman” Crystle Reynolds
  • Power of genealogy
  • Interracial marriage 
  • Indigenous Peoples in Grace and Edan’s family


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One reply on “Grace Wilson Evans”

Hello! I have not passed away… I am alive and well. Thank you so much for highlighting the incredible Mrs. Grace Evans and giving me a shout out. I so enjoyed the episode. Please email me.


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