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Queen Nanny of the Maroons

It’s a new month and the gal pals are talking about amazing Black women of history. Bonnie Fillenwarth starts us off with Queen Nanny of the Maroons. A Chieftess of Jamaica who legend says caught bullets with her butt and fired them back! Learn about this gal! 

Show Notes & Extras

  • This month’s gal pals are Katie Harris, Bonnie Fillenwarth, Edan and Dr. Leah Leach
  • Katie is now President of the Board!
  • Galentine’s shoutout
  • Bonnie is now the Vice President!
  • Edan is Queen of our world!
  • Calendar update
  • Friday, Feb 11 Date Night on Campus 6pm-9pm
  • Saturday, Feb 12 Stitch n’ Bitch from 12pm-2pm
  • Saturday, Feb 12 Nan Reinhardt Book Signing from 2pm-4pm
  • Sunday, Feb 13 Galentine’s Brunch 11am advanced tickets required
  • Bonnie’s 1 cool Black History Gal is Queen Nanny of the Maroons
  • Oral stories and legends but also in archives
  • Came to Jamica as a free woman
  • Knowledge of herbs and medicines
  • Kept her people free from the British
  • Jerky! 
  • Old Nannytown – kinda a lost city
  • The legends of Queen Nanny
  • Bullets in the butt! 
  • Hypnotizing British soliders to fell into large bowling pot
  • “It’s a pumpkin miracle” – Leah
  • 1 of 7 national hero’s of Jamica
  • $500 bill of Jamica is called a Nanny and she’s on it
  • Memorial to her in Mooretown 
  • 1741 Nanny was given a 500 acre town 
  • Bump grave
  • Documentary on Kanopy “Queen Nanny Legendary Maroon Chieftess” 
  • Outlander?
  • Historical boiling 
  • Queen Nzinga shout out


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