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Gal’s Guide Anthology: Women of History

Gal’s Guide Library, home to the first women’s history lending library in the United States, is releasing its first anthology on March 19, 2022.

Experience the world through the inspiration of women in this remarkable collection of 14 authors including, Angie Klink, Trudy Krisher, Dr. Leah Leach, and many more. Published in partnership with Gal’s Guide Library and Four-Eyed Media, this anthology is the first in a yearly series.

Available for $15 at:


1st Place – “The Birth of my Freshman Year” by Barb Conlin

2nd Place – “Limber as a Rag” by Angie Klink

3rd Place – “Pivotal Pages” by Patricia Rossi

People’s Choice – “The Birth of my Freshman Year” by Barb Conlin

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