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Book Signing Kelly Weger

Gal’s Guide is pleased to share with you the most amazing plant-based recipes from Kelly Weger! Perfect for holiday gatherings or for a gift, this wonderful book includes tips, techniques, and a bonus layout feature.

Come support this amazing local author on Small Business Saturday!


November 26, 2022

11am – 1pm

Gal’s Guide Library

107 S. 8th Street


Second Floor of the Nickel Plate Arts Campus

Cafe Schweger Cookbook $28.00 (Amazon listing)

A small percentage will go to Gal’s Guide Library & Nickel Plate Arts.

About the Book

Cafe Schweger Cookbook: Planet-Friendly Plant-Based Recipies for All

Curious about plant-based cooking, but unsure where to start? This cookbook answers all your essential questions, packed with tips, techniques, and explanations. Enjoy more than 45 recipes, spanning the range from brunch, to appetizers, salads, main courses, sweets, and, of course, life is all about the sauce! Plus, a bonus layout feature that makes it easy for even the most novice cook to get started without getting lost.

Want to eat amazing food, positively impacting your health and our planet? Enjoy 100% cholesterol-free recipes, with far smaller carbon footprint than animal-based meals. The recipes inside are literally combating climate change. What tastier way can you do your part for the planet?? Not just the recipes, either- this entire cookbook is Carbon Positive, thanks to the generous carbon offsets purchased for every copy sold!

About the Author

Kelly Weger, RA, LEED A.P., CEA

Sustainability Consultant, World Traveler, & Building Designer

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