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Remember the Ladies

As of 2023, there have been 45 different men serve as President of the United States. If you’re wondering why that number seems to be off by one, remember that Grover Cleveland served twice and was the 22nd & 24th President of the United States.

But as Abigail Adams wrote to John when he was the Continental Congress, “Remember the ladies!” Heeding her words we’ve collected a list of books and podcasts about First Ladies.

Did you know there have been 54 different First Ladies? 

Both John Tyler and Woodrow Wilson’s wives died during their term and remarried while in office.

Also, some of the First Ladies were not wives of the presidents. Harriet Lane was the niece of President James Buchannan. James was a bachelor.

Available at the Gal’s Guide Library

1st First Lady, Martha Washington

2nd First Lady, Abigal Adams

3rd First Lady: Martha Jefferson & Sally Hemmings

4th First Lady, Dolley Madison

5th First Lady, Elizabeth Kortright Monroe

6th First Lady, Louisa Adams

7th First Ladies, Emily Donelson & Sarah Jackson

8th First Lady, Sarah VanBuren

9th First Ladies, Anna Harrison & Jane Harrison

10th First Ladies, Letitia Tyler & Elizabeth Tyler & Julia Tyler

11th First Lady, Sarah Polk

12th First Lady, Margaret “Peggy” Taylor

13th First Lady, Abigail Fillmore

14th First Lady, Jane Pierce

15th First Lady, Harriet Lane

16th First Lady, Mary Todd Lincoln

17th First Lady, Eliza Johnson

18th First Lady, Julia Grant

19th First Lady: Lucy Hayes

20th First Lady, Lucretia Garfield

21st First Lady, Mary McElroy

22nd First Ladies, Rose Cleveland & Frances Cleveland

23rd First Lady: Caroline Harrison & Mary Harrison McKee

24th First Lady, Frances Cleveland

25th First Lady, Ida McKinley

26th First Lady, Edith Roosevelt

27th First Lady, Helen “Nellie” Taft

28th First Ladies, Ellen Wilson & Margaret Wilson & Edith Wilson

29th First Lady, Florence Harding

30th First Lady, Grace Coolidge

31st First Lady, Lou Hoover

32nd First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt

33rd First Lady, Elizabeth “Bess” Truman

34th First Lady, Mamie Eisenhower

35th First Lady, Jackie Kennedy

36th First Lady, Claudia “Lady Bird” Johnson

37th First Lady, Thelma “Pat” Nixon

38th First Lady, Betty Ford

39th First Lady, Eleanor Rosalynn Carter

40th First Lady, Nancy Reagan

41st First Lady, Barbara Bush

42nd First Lady, Hillary Clinton

43rd First Lady, Laura Bush

44th First Lady, Michelle Obama

45th First Lady, Melania Trump

46th First Lady, Jill Biden

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