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Margaret Booth

We’re back! We’ll explain the delay.  Bonnie kicks off Filmmaker Gals month with an editor who started with D.W. Griffith and ended with Annie (1982). She lived to be 104!! Wow did she see film change and you bet she was a strong part of it!  Images About The Gal’s Guide Podcast What if you […]

Library Support Systems

Volunteer at Gal’s Guide!

We need your help! Gal’s Guide is a 100% volunteer staff. We are a small organization with a big history-making mission. We’ve built the first lending-library of women’s history in the United States. We need gals and guys to help catalog our collection, prep the collection for lending, search for books, research gals, develop programs, […]

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Film Pioneers – Your Gal Friday

In this special episode of Your Gal Friday we talk about 4 early film pioneers that created the framework for movies today spanning from 1896-1982. The 4 gals in this episode are: Alice Guy Blache, Lois Weber, Dorothy Arzner and Margaret Booth. Click here for the full podcast episode in an audio player on your computer/device. […]