Women’s World Cup Nike Ads

“Hey, you ready?” Our 16-year-old-gal-pal takes our hand and guides us into the world of Nike’s Women’s World Cup Soccer ads where we learn, “Don’t change your dream. Change the World.” However, we can’t be serious for too long so we also talk about doggie dentures, Geico ads, free Doritos, and how to choose poorly. … Continue reading Women’s World Cup Nike Ads

Epilogue of Gals Who Rock – Your Gal Friday

Leah and Phoebe wrap up their musical tour into the world of gals who rock. They talk about how they have changed the way they appreciate music, they cross compare the gals, and talk about what they learned along that way. Full Episode on YouTube https://youtu.be/xro2MdOxAQ4 Show Notes & Extra's: Did you add any of … Continue reading Epilogue of Gals Who Rock – Your Gal Friday

Performances of Gals Who Rock

Your Gal Friday has started their Gals Who Rock block featuring the life and legacy of Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Joan Jett and Tina Turner. Not familiar with these gals or need a refresher? We got you covered with amazing performances to get you rockin'. Sister Rosetta Tharpe Inventor of Rock n' Roll. https://youtu.be/MnAQATKRBN0 https://youtu.be/JeaBNAXfHfQ https://youtu.be/fzHITt17b5c Joan … Continue reading Performances of Gals Who Rock