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Season 5’s Poetry Gals continues with the Gal Pals honoring National Poetry Month. with guest Barb Conlin. Leah’s choice? Sappho, The Poetess, or The Tenth Muse. Note – Leah was on A LOT of cold medicine at the time so this episode is NSFW. Show Notes & Extras Images About The Gal’s Guide Podcast What […]

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Saucy Gals of History

For our March meeting, our speaker was Leah Leach, co-host of our podcast Your Gal Friday. She presented 13 gals that are more risqué or controversial than you’d hear about on our family-friendly podcast. Leah told the tales of pirates, erotic poets, spies, burlesque performers, and revenge-fueled painters. These gals stories are incredible, inspiring, and oh yeah, […]