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My Mentor Dared Me To Dream

Having a mentor or even just people you can look up to is extremely important. I don’t think I realized how important mentors were until I decided at the age of 17 that I wanted to be a film maker and I had no immediate female role models at the time. The arts is arguably […]

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January Meeting

When and why do we need support systems? What kind of support systems are out there? Lead by Kim Thatcher, these are the questions we will bring to light at this month’s meeting. We’ll take part in discussion, activities, and supply information you can use to improve your life. No one is in this alone. […]

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Professional Support Systems

Many times we turn to our friends for support when life gets rough but when that’s not enough, turn to professionals. There are many wonderful people who are here to help. We’ve collected hotlines and websites that offer support to those in need in the United States. National Suicide Hotline 1-800-273-8255 A national network of […]