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Beer Witches

Leah finishes up witches month by talking about the Ale Wives of Europe through the middle ages. Did you know that when the Ale Wives would sell their goods in the marketplace they would wear pointy hats so people could spot them in a crowd? They would be busy stirring their large cauldrons of beer. […]

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Witches Month

Grab your brooms ladies, because we’re talking about witches this month! The library is a buzz with stories about fictional witches, historical witches, those accused of being witches, and modern-day witches. See what’s new at the library on First Friday, October 7, from 12pm-9pm. We’re open late and expecting a few spooky guests. It is […]

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We Need Medical Books

Gal’s Guide is building the first independent women’s history library. Each month we push to expand our collection to include a diverse look at women from different backgrounds, occupations, and regions.  This month we want to expand our coverage of women in medicine. Here are the top 20 books we would love to add to the library! Women […]