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Gal’s Guide Podcast – Indiana Women’s History Trails

This week we are bringing out the maps and pins to learning about the Indiana Women’s History Trail thanks to Katie’s 1 cool women’s history thing. Gal pals, Leah, Bonnie, Josh, and Katie also talk about radium, and other things we took a while to learn were toxic, while we sip Diet Coke – it will all make sense in a when you hit play on this week’s Episode #20 of Gal’s Guide to the Galaxy Podcast. Now with Olestra!

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Show Notes & Extras:

50 (1)

  •  What foods or treatments that we use today would humans in the future find toxic and ridiculous?
  • Katie’s 1 Cool Thing is about Indiana Women’s History Trail
  • Indy Star article referenced and mentioned.
  • Catharine Merrill, the second female faculty member in the nation
  • Zerelda G. Wallace, the wife of Indiana Governor and women’s voting rights advocate
  • Lillian Thomas Fox, an African-American journalist that also open Oak Hill Camp
  • Mary Cable, an African-American educator who started the Indianapolis chapter of the NAACP
  • Luella Smith McWhirter, Suffragette who was on the board of the Peoples Bank & Trust Co
  • Lovina McCarthy Streight, who went to the Civil War with her husband and young son. She was called the “Mother of the 51st.”
  • Sarah Bolton, a poet of “Paddle Your Own Canoe” and “Indiana”

Sarah Bolton side two WEB

  • Many of these ladies are buried at Crown Hill Cemetary
  • Shout out to the Clara Barton Drunk History segment. Abracadabra! See a clip here
  • Next week is Leah’s 1 Cool Women’s History Thing!


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