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Moms Mabley – First Female Standup Comedian

To start off LGBT Pride month, Leah’s 1 Cool LGBT Thing is about the first ever female standup comedian, Jackie “Moms” Mabley. An extremely successful originator, Moms was a black, gay, woman who created an old lady character that wooed young men, made censors nervous, and told some of the best dirty jokes.

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Show Notes & Extras:

  • This month’s Gal Pals are Dr. Leah Leach, Katie Harris, Bonnie Fillenwarth and Kim Thatcher
  • Bonnie’s Pins! Pins! Pins! Are available to pre-order on Etsy
  • Katie’s flowery nursey adventure
  • Kim fantastic photography 
  • Leah’s healing through test driving
  • THE CATEGORY IS….LGBT introduction
  • Leah’s 1 Cool LGBT Thing is about comedian Moms Mabley
  • Super rough upbringing
  • Left at age 14 to join TOBA (Theater Owners Booking Associaton) aka The Chitlin’ Circuit
  • Butterbeans and Susie were her mentors, their song “I Want a Hot Dog for My Roll” 
  • Harlem breakout star headliner at Carnegie Hall (multiple times)

  • Can you think of other dirty little old lady characters?
  • What do you think of separating a character from real life?
  • Carol Burnett and Lucille Ball story.


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