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Boldly Go! Interview with Lisa Meece, CEO of Starbase Indy

So many of us are more than one thing. In our second only interview, Gal’s Guide sat down with the CEO of Starbase Indy, Lisa Meece to get to know the 360 degrees of Lisa. This amazing gal found her people at Star Trek convention and not only became the CEO but runs a variety of consulting businesses that bridge the gap between traditional and non-traditional lifestyles. Get to know what it takes to boldly go in the direction of your passions!

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Show Notes & Extras:

  • Lisa Meece Fab links

Starbase Indy
Holding Space LLC 

  • Our second-ever interview and first in a long time for Leah
  • How Lisa found her people and got started with Starbase Indy
  • Become a Starbase Indy Volunteer!
  • The 360 Degrees of Lisa

Lisa Meece

  • Professional cuddler at Holding Space
  • Teaches consent at conventions
  • Serendipitous Learner
  • Lisa’s the bridge between traditional and non-traditional life

Starbase Group

klingon pop warrior

  • Also, there’s a Klingon Institute??!!
  • NASA people!
  • Actress and Stuntwoman, Tracee Lee Cocco!
  • Son of “Scotty” and Star Trek Actor, Chris Doohan!
  • Writing Workshops! NaNoWriMo anyone?
  • Music, parties and drinking with scientists!
  • Full schedule is HERE!!!! Yay!!!
  • Buy your badge early! It helps Lisa not panic (as much)
  • Many volunteers are buying their own badges to support the convention
  • Shopping! There is basically a live Etsy store at Starbase. “It’s like Black Friday and Small Business Sunday wrapped in one!”

Starbase Vendor

  • There is no such thing as Star Wars v Star Trek
  • Lisa answers the first Signature Question that all our future interview guests will answer! Listen in to hear her answer

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