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Axis Sally

Scary gals month concludes with Mildred Gillars, better known as Axis Sally or the Berlin Babe or the Berlin Bitch. An American who was hired by the Nazi’s to tell the Allied soldiers to put their guns down and go home. The gal pals also talk about vampires and how exhausting it sounds to live forever. 

With Zoom video!

Show Notes

  • We’re back on Zoom so that means the YouTube has live video of our silly and beautiful faces!
  • The gal pals this month are Dr. Leah Leach, Bonnie Fillenwarth, Katie Harris, and Klaire Lockhart.
  • Bonnie already talked about Cassandra Peterson AKA Elvira,Katie already talked about The Blood Countess and Klaire talked about Hilma af Klint
  • Get to know you question: if you met a vampire would you let them bite you for eternal life or steak them in the heart?
  • Leah’s 1 Cool Scary Gal is Axis Sally, Mildred Gillars
  • American who worked for the Nazi’s to create confusion and desertion, you know for art!
  • Book – Axis Sally the American Voice for Nazi Germany by Richard Lucas (Gal’s Guide Library)
  • Early life in Maine in 1900
  • Father was an alcoholic, smoked opium and was abusive.
  • Mother married a dentist but he drank a lot too
  • Didn’t finish college because she thought she had to choose between marriage and a Broadway career.
  • German restaurant
  • Paris
  • “Meet me in Hamburg”
  • Loves Berlin wants to study music
  • Got a job doing film translation in Germany
  • Got a job writing reviews for Variety
  • Got a job for Reich Radio
  • “It was just one of those things”
  • Hosted various radio drama and variety shows
  • Over her 4.5 years she clocked in 10,000 broadcast hours
  • Thought it was a performance
  • Also called the Berlin Babe or the Berlin Bitch
  • She didn’t think she was a traitor or un-American
  • War Time
  • The Professor
  • POW trip to Stallag 11B
  • Pulled a Sharon Stone from Basic Instinct to get American soldiers to talk to her
  • On the run
  • Detained for 17 months
  • Brought to Washington D.C. and stood trial for treason
  • 4 week trial
  • Guilty on 1 of 8 counts
  • Prison time
  • Sister Mary Assumpta takes a chance on Mildred
  • Got a job teaching music at a convent school
  • Died of cancer and had no headstone and no grave marker



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