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Women of Greek Myths

Beware of spit takes while listening to this episode! It takes us four ridiculous tries to start the show before going into a biblical story rant about Leah’s namesake, Debbi turning people into stone, and Bonnie whippin’ out her college thesis on us tell us her comical list of complaints of Greek (and Roman) women of myths.

Show Notes & Extras

  • Gal Pals this month are Bonnie Fillenwarth, Katie Harris, Debbi Sponsler, and Leah Leach.
  • Katie already talked about Tiamat
  • Get to know you question – what character in mythology do you identify with?
  • Leah on Leah
  • Medusa (pics below)
  • March 26, 2009 the date of Bonnie’s thesis paper
  • Get to know College Bonnie
  • Roman backbone of society
  • The list of Bonnie’s complaints
  • Daphne & Apollo
  • Quick Amazon boob sidetrack
  • Leda & the Swan (Zeus)
  • “I don’t care how handsome the swan is…” Bonnie
  • Sabine women (founding of Rome)
  • Paintings
  • Aphrodite with a mirror
  • Hannah Gadsby sidetrack
  • “It’s So Good” Sticker (Gal’s Guide Red Bubble)
  • Woman as sacrifice
  • Andromeda & Medusa
  • Medea & Jason
  • A lady with a job
  • Bonnie’s 5 book recommends
  • Judy Chicago quote about a painting about rape
  • Yelling fire instead of rape
  • Identifying as either extreme virgins, Aphrodite, or raped
  • Cassandra
  • “Dr.” Herodotus quote
  • Mary Beard & Mary Beard
  • Bonnie’s transition from complaining to putting out positive images
  • Bonnie’s Art Shop!



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