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Claude Cahun

Gal’s Guide Library is the place to be in March, hence why this episode is late, however, it’s a great one. Our hope for this episode is it will inspire you to create your own expressive artwork, change your name, or reinvigorate your hate for Nazis. Learn all about the gender non-conforming surrealist that is Claude Cahun! Oh and how Leah almost killed Leonard DiCaprio.

Show Notes & Extras

  • New theme – Artist Gals! 
  • This month’s Gal-Pals are: Bonnie Fillenwarth, Katie Harris, Dr. Leah Leach and Klaire Lockheart
  • Bonnie used a book as a bookmark
  • “Cooking can be art!” – Katie Harris
  • Klaire is in the library!!!!! 
  • Leonard DiCapario story
  • Calendar – March 4-26 Boosting the Signal Art Show
  • Stitch n’ bitch
  • Facebook live awards
  • Full calendar events
  • Klaire’s 1 cool Artist Person – Claude Cahun
  • Gender neutral
  • Early life in France
  • Jewish girl with poor heath who was bullied
  • Met Marcel Moore
  • Surrealism 
  • Women in art
  • Identity and gender politics work 
  • Self Portrait, I am in training, don’t kiss me. (picture below)
  • Buy an artist’s artwork while they are living! 
  • Klaire’s self portraits (picture below)
  • Joseph Campbell mythos masks
  • Books with Marcel Moore (photo below)
  • Photo montage 
  • 1938 moved to the island of Jersey
  • Nazi’s are bad 
  • Claude and Marcel defy the Nazi’s 
  • Arrested in 1944 – didn’t deny their actions
  • Paper Bullets book By Jeffrey H. Jackson
  • 1945 sentenced to death 
  • “Dirty Birdies” (picture below)
  • 1945 Jersey was liberated and they both survived. 
  • Claude died in 1954, Marcel in the 1970’s
  • Claude’s photography online (Jersey heritage collection) (San Francisco art collection) (Insitute of Chicago has a sculpture
  • Print collection viewing tip
  • Klaire’s CV
  • History of Modern Art with Klaire Podcast


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What if you could only share 1 cool thing about a topic? Would it be about ancient history? Would it be breaking news? Would it be safe for work? A group of gals gathers to present to you one cool thing on topics like painting, gaming, movies, music and more.

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