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The Dinner Party

Pull up a chair ladies because there is room at the table! This week Bonnie is telling us about the installation art of The Dinner Party by Judy Chicago that debuted March 14, 1979. Totally a NSFW episode!

Show Notes & Extras

  • Klaire already talked about Claude Cahun
  • Calendar
  • Gal’s Guide Anthology
  • Get-to-know-you questions“If you were to experience a different way of art what would it be?”
  • Elder millennial using a dark room
  • Performance art 
  • Watercolor meltdown
  • Printmakin’ 
  • Bonnie’s 1 cool artist thing – The Dinner Party
  • Art installation by artist Judy Chicago
  • Debuted March 14, 1979 oops this episode didn’t air on the 14th
  • San Francisco museum of art 
  • Judy Chicago is the Gloria Steinman of the 70’s and 80’s in women’s art. 
  • The table specs  – equality! 
  • Women’s table settings with vulva plates
  • 1,038 women of history mentioned in the installation
  • Materials 
  • Women included
  • “Everyone’s dinner plate is different” – Katie Harris
  • List
  • Nun plate
  • Leah lost count of her hands, she had 24 of 39
  • Sybil Luddington
  • Judy Chicago photos (gold suit) 
  • Cost
  • Took 5 years
  • Group project
  • “Room at the table!” 
  • First ideas 
  • In-person at Elizabeth A. Sackler center for Feminist Art at the Brooklyn Museum (website)
  • 1980 companion piece the Honor Quilt at the University of Louisville, KY
  • Books and references donated some great Judy Chicago materials from Ann Skinner Jones. (Gal’s Guide Library
  • The plates were available at one point
  • Susan B. Anthony plate – face hunger
  • Sojourner Truth controversy
  • Klaire has actually seen The Dinner Party it’s not as much about the lady business
  • 2029 will be the 50th anniversary of The Dinner Party
  • Woman house  

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