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Your Gal Friday Episodes Featuring Amazing Women of Black History

Geniuses, trailblazers, inventors, and freedom fighters. These gals stories are intertwined throughout the rich history of the world and we are celebrating and shining a spotlight on women of Black History.

Your Gal Friday is our student-friendly podcast showcases a gal in our galaxy that we can all learn from. Winner of 2017 Indy Pop Con Best Family Podcast Award. Hosted by Dr. Leah Leach and Phoebe Frear.

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A gal who went from picking cotton in Nutbush, TN to an icon on stage and screen. There were many hardships and if you haven’t heard her story get ready for a tale of a survivor with a soundtrack to go along with it. On episode #39 it’s the life and legacy of your gal, Tina Turner.

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A gal who inspired Elvis, Johnny Cash, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Bob Dylan. We’re talking about Gospel’s first superstar who shocked audiences with her electric guitar. We’re digging into the start of Rock and Roll and talk about the life and legacy of your gal, Sister Rosetta Tharpe.

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A gal who is a mathematician, a hidden figure and the first Black engineer at NASA. Her later work at Langley created opportunities for more women at NASA. We are talking about the life and legacy of your gal, Mary Jackson.

Alice Guy Blance

This gal is a math genius. Her calculations were pivotal in getting the first American in space and back home safely. But it didn’t stop there, from the early days of NACA testing airplanes and rocket all the way to the Space Shuttle Program she was there crunching the numbers with pin-point accuracy. We’re making math a ton of fun and talking about the life and legacy of your gal, Katherine Johnson.

Alice Guy Blance

A gal who was the first Black supervisor, at what would become, NASA. We’re talking about gal who taught herself a computer language that only a handful of people even knew existed. She was a mathematician, a teacher, and a Hidden Figure. Today we’re talking about the life and legacy of your gal, Dorothy Vaughan.

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Learn about a hard-working gal who created a hair care line that made her one of the most successful African-American business owners of her time. She was an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, and an activist. Get ready for the amazing life and legacy of your gal, Madam CJ Walker.

Alice Guy Blance

A remarkable rebel. Born into slavery, she not only escaped but she made 13 rescue missions to save family and friends. In the Civil War, she was a nurse, an armed scout, and a spy. She was the first woman to lead war-time troops. She was a speaker for abolition, women’s rights, temperance, and civil rights. Today we are talking about the life and legacy of Your Gal, Harriet Tubman.

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A gal who is one of the top Jazz singers in history. Named the “First lady of song” she won 13 Grammys and sold more than 40 million albums. She sang songs from the Great American Songbook and made them her own. Ira Gershwin once said, “I never knew how good our songs were until I heard Ella Fitzgerald sing them.” Learn about the life and legacy of Your Gal, Ella Fitzgerald.

Alice Guy Blance (1)

Here is a gal who was so fearless that in a time when women, African-Americans, and Native Americans were banned from learning how to fly – she did. In her own words, she “refused to accept ‘no’ for an answer” With nail-biting barnstorming aerial stunt performances, this gal kept you on the edge of your seat. An inspiration to many, including astronauts, this gal used the airplane to promote equal rights and civil rights. Your Gal, Bessie Coleman.

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