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Lillian Wald

Katie pays us a little home doctor’s visit by telling us the story of nursing pioneer Lillian Wald. Founder of the Henry Street Settlement she believed that health care should be available to all and convinced more women to enter a career in medicine. The gal pals also talk about fighting for their health, birth plans, and PBR!

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Show Notes & Extras

  • Gal-pals this month are Dr. Leah Leach, Katie Harris, Bonnie Fillenwarth and Kerra Wagener
  • We’ve already talked about Bonnie’s 1 Cool Thing – Menstrual Cups
  • Get-to-know-you question: When you go to the doctor do you feel like you are listened to or do you feel like you need to fight for your health?
  • Leah’s Fibroid episode
  • Birth plan and Katie’s looooong labor
  • Fighting for a loved one’s health vs fighting for our own
  • Women being listened to in the doctor’s office
  • Husband stitch
  • Gender bias in an STI test
  • Katie’s 1 Cool Medical thing is nurse Lillian Wald
  • “I Googled so good. I Googled hard,” Katie
  • Lillian was a nurse, social worker, teacher, editor, women’s rights advocate and publisher
  • Founder of American Community Nursing
  • Early life
  • Rochester, NY shout out!
  • Working as a reporter when she fell in love with nursing
  • NYC Training Hospital for nursing
  • Inspired to have home care and in-community nursing care
  • Henry Street Settlement


  • Credited as starting the nursing home health service
  • Helped form the National Organization for Public Health Nursing in 1912
  • Columbia University
  • Suffragette!!
  • Her Margaret Sanger connection!
  • Birth control
  • Helped the Red Cross
  • Inclusive nurse
  • Her ideas might have been the basis for health care insurance
  • New York Times named her one of the 12 greatest living American women in 1922
  • She won the Lincoln Medallion
  • She never married or had kids
  • Jane Addams connection
  • What a settlement house is
  • Side tangent on PBR!!!

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