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Lucille Ball

Katie’s cat became so inspired by hearing Lucille Ball’s story that mid-show she began to direct Katie’s action. She’s now the show purr-ducer.

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You’re gonna want the video version of this week’s episode. It’s directed by Katie’s cat. She joined the union, it’s a whole thing. The audio version is slightly different from the video version. Also, you saw that we said there’s a cat in the video right?

Zoom with Katie's Cat

Show Notes & Extras

  • We’re recording on Zoom so that means video!!!!
  • The gal-pals this month are Dr. Leah Leah, Bonnie Fillenwarth, Katie Harris and Debbi Sponsler
  • We have already talked about Mabel Normand
  • Get-to-know-you question: why do you think there is a stereotype that women aren’t funny?
  • Carrie Fisher episode shout out!
  • Katie’s Granny on stage recreating an I Love Lucy sketch
i love lucy chocolate
I Love Lucy “Job Switching” (1952)
  • Katie’s 1 Cool Funny Gal is Lucille Ball
  • Full-figured comedy
  • Your Gal Friday shout out! Check out our in-depth episode about Lucille Ball.
  • Lucy thrived off a live audience
  • Queen of the B movies

You Lucille Ball

  • Feedback wasn’t encouraging
  • Big break on the radio show My Favorite Husband 
  • How the radio show led to I Love Lucy
  • How Lucy fought for Desi to be on the show
  • Also, “go to the beach”
  • I Love Lucy is a huge success
  • DesiLu Productions

Desilu Productions

  • What Lucy thought Star Trek was
  • Without Lucy there wouldn’t be Star Trek
  • Carol Burnett was mentored by Lucille Ball
  • Personal Life with Desi

lucy and desi

  • Becoming a mom
  • KITTY INVADES THE PODCAST (19 minute mark)
  • Lucy’s kids are Desi Arnaz Jr and Lucie Arnaz
  • The cat starts to direct the podcast
  • Desi jr is a musician as well as an actor in TV and movies
  • Lucy & Desi divorce but there are still flowers
  • Katie gets inspired
  • “The Last Days of Lucille Ball” article by Mental Floss
  • Cat drool!!

Screenshot Katie and her cat

  • Lee Tannan & Lucy spying on a party
  • Last public appearance was pissed about how people would judge her looks
  • Heart issues
  • Even more on Your Gal Friday

YGF Headers (1)

  • Kitty demands to be cuddled
  • Kitty directs Katie
  • Kity calls cut.

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